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Allison Dominic BSc, MScPT completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Biochemistry) from Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Throughout the course of her undergraduate degree, Allison grew an interest in the growing field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and went on to graduate from a Masters of Physiotherapy at Glasgow Caledonian University in 2019.

Allison has gained a wide variety of clinical skills through her experience working in many different rehabilitation settings within the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom and Canada. She puts an emphasis on patient-centered care and uses the most recent evidence-based research findings to ensure her patients are getting the quality of care they deserve. Allison provides a thorough assessment of individual’s symptoms in order to treat and rehabilitate the underlying cause, encouraging long-term recovery. 

Allison completed the course “The Physical Therapy Approach to Female Urinary Incontinence” offered by Urosante where she gained the knowledge and hands on skills to internally evaluate the female pelvic floor, establish and perform a treatment plan with progressions and use manual and behavioral techniques to treat pelvic floor conditions. 

Outside of work, Allison has been involved in the province’s sports community from a young age and continues to work as a competitive level coach and Director of Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation at Cygnus Gymnastics. She enjoys travel, fitness and sports, and spending time with family and friends. 

Allison is passionate about pelvic health physiotherapy and helping her patients to take control of their health and wellbeing. She is eager to continue to learn and grow in the emerging field of pelvic health physiotherapy with the team at Vitality Wellness.

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